Monday, October 6, 2008

Interview Feedback

This new (multiple installment) section is going to be a rolling catalog of all the medical schools I visit over the next few months for admission to the class of 2013. I envision it serving two primary purposes: 1) It will allow me to remember facts and perceptions of the particular school that I would otherwise forget by the time May comes around 2) It will hopefully provide others with a candid evaluation of these schools.

I'll take a moment here to mention, which is invaluable in learning about the school before you show up for the interview. In the Interview Feedback section of the site you will find people's reactions to the interview day, lists of questions they were asked, and information on what kind of interview format to expect. I've prepared for all of my interviews so far by looking over the feedback for the past year or so, consulting the school's website and promotional material, as well as reviewing for a few standard questions like "why medicine?". I'd recommend a similar program for just about anyone, because it really does take some practice to get these things down. But more on all of that later, I will try to put together a comprehensive interview prep post at some point. For now, I need to work on the feedback. Cheers.